Thrive Themes Review; Conversion Focused WordPress Themes

Ever wanted to have a stylish theme which catches theme of the readers? Or do you need to divert more traffic to your website? Are you struggling with making your blog more interesting but can’t figure out how? Then Thrive theme builder is perfect for you, which is why we bring you the ultimate thrive themes review.


Thrive themes is a website theme builder ,basically it is a wordpress plugin and helps modify your themes to better and interesting ones that are attractive to the user hence giving you more traffic on your site and making things better for you, you can easily manage your blog through his plugin because it has countless features.

The themes are 10 stylish and newly updated  in number and you can easily select the theme of your choice             depending upon what you need.



  1. They are the top growing theme site with many customers.
  2. The themes are simple and easily manageable.
  3. Clear navigation,catchy colours and easy fonts which makes it easy  and friendly for the reader.
  4. Built in layouts so you can change the layout any time for a specific event.
  5. Smart Built in widgets to make your tasks much easier.
  6. Social media buttons are very catchy to the reader and there are high chances that they share your content also you don’t need to install another plugin for it.
  7. Visitors are perfectly engaged.
  8. These themes are mainly used by many marketers and bloggers for generating a greater sum of money hence it is more money generating.
  9. It is safe and suitable for newbies too in making their tasks very easy.
  10. It loads your site very fast because is not heavy and respond very quickly.
  11. Constant updates and changes will be there to make your experience worth each penny.
  12. Posts related to the post on your blog are directly set at the end of the post so you don’t need to do it yourself.
  13. Pictures optimization is really good.





          This theme specifically works upon giving you readability, basically made for affiliate marketers, the look of the theme mainly is like a sunrise which gives it that soul attracting awe inspiring look. It is SEO theme and like others is extremely responsive and good in design. You can use it for any business online.thrive themes review




If you own a blog which is very much related to the media stuff like pictures and videos and other stuff, you may want to consider getting this beautifully managed theme which is especially made for media purposes which has a strong blend of colours to give your blog the attractiveness so your story can be more interesting to the reader.




    Made for business pages, this specific theme promises to help you grow your business. It has very functional and rhythmic design with mostly dark colours used with beautiful typography, good for highlighting many things and sales pages too.




Performag as the name says comes for the better performance of magazine style website or news related websites. It has a built in scrolling system so your readers may never wait or have to bother scrolling and a very well defined ad managing system. It promises to increase your revenue if you get it for a site containg ads.performag theme review, thrive theme reivew




The best suitable theme for anything that you might want to highlight hence giving it more voice and readability towards the customer or reader. The theme will have no bar but a sidebar which is partially static and the object you want to focus will be in the main.




Made with striking colours this theme will automatically attract the visitor towards its unique design and engage them into looking more towards your website. This theme simply is made for everything from blog posts to business sales to anything that you want to give an eye catching look to.




Basically made for putting your content in the spotlight with its beautiful white typographic design, this may be your another “need it all for anything theme.”




Focused on creating great blog posts and marketing pages this theme ignites your site to a whole new level by giving you access to all the great tools you may need to turn your site into a money hub.ignition theme, thrive themes review




This luxury theme is made to keep you content in the light with its beautiful typographic, simple yet a moving design built with landing pages and focus calls to make your site very easily manageable.




Best for creating sales pages, lead generation pages other landing pages very simply yet on the track, perfect for blogs and marketing websites with built in tools and is very responsive and easily manageable to help you save your time. A real multi purpose and natural theme.


The themes are similar to wordpress themes but contain many other plugins and tools that help make your task easy, good fonts that are mobile and google friendly, fonts that are easily readable, you can change the colours any where in the whole blog page the way you like it. Also you can change to any theme if you are a member( discussed later) you also get to have the pleasure of many different headers like hello and subscribe, thankyou etc. The layouts are built in and so is a beautifully made icon library from where you can choose the icons of your choice. Hence you get so much in a very small packet for a very good sum of money.


Being a thrive member you have the access to all of the things on thrive that may consist of the themes, tools, plugins etc. which includes the following

  • Thrive themes
  • Thrive content builder
  • Thrive leads
  • Thrive landing pages
  • Clever widgets

All of the membership is 147$ per year but if you don’t pay it again you won’t lose access to the products, they won’t get updated again.


Each of the theme on thrive has a fair price of 37$ per month. You can further buy other tools with it.


  • These themes are originally limited to wordpress which does not give it access to other websites and may be disturbing for some people.


Thrive themes surely is one of the major life changing tools which ofcourse is growing rapidly and is widely used because of the interest of many bloggers and markers simply because it aids in making your work very very easy. We further recommend getting the membership card because it gives you more access towards things. Blog management is a very demanding task and we are always looking out for things to make it easy and less time consuming which is why we recommend you Thrive Themes, it is simply the best time saving, money generating and classy theme tool for you wordpress site. 

We hope that you found our thrive themes review informative. let us know how it has been working out for you in the comments below.

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