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Need a simple and easy keyword research tool? Are you too tired of buying many tools for different functions? is one of the very simple and easy to use tool that contains all the features together in one tool. Today we will provide you a depth detailed look and an honest review on the KeySearch tool.

keySearch Review and Discount:

What is keySearch?
KeySearch is a tool that aids an important role in the ranking of your website by providing you with easy features that can rank your website on the top pages, nowadays there is so much competition between the marketers and they all want to rank their website, however this tool will help you in many ways and give you those little hints and tricks and make your keyword research very easy and simple. It has so many features in one tool and plus, the speed is so super fast. It also lets you crawl into competitor URLs and keywords to let you compete better and keep up your progress.
This tool was originally created by Dan from FCS networker team that helped people manage their manage their Web 2.0 blog.

Keyword research:
Keysearch gives you so many better and different ways to find relevant and unique keywords for your content. All you have to do is to enter your seed keyword and Keysearch will come up with over a thousand results for different related keywords to your keyword with PCC and CPC data as well.You can even search keywords your competetors are using or searching and look up for long tail keywords. There are advanced filtering options provided that lets you go into deeper detail for a specific keyword. Another awesome factor is the speed with which your search results appear, it literally takes milliseconds and the plus point is, you can search multiple keywords at a time. Now isn’t that a great option for keyword searching?
The different sources you can choose from to search for different kinds of keysearches are:

Keyword Planner gives you the same results as does the Google keyword planner with complete data and high volume keywords.

Bing, Yahoo, Google suggest are the best for long tail keywords.

Competitor Keywords lets you search up the keywords that domains are already using. You only have to enter the competitor URL and there you go!

Other Ad Networks lets you research through keywords of other ad networks.
These are all very handy tools and you surely won’t get them anywhere else.

KeySearch Review and Features:

Let’s also talk about the features and services this tool provides to its customers for better keyword searches and results.

Keyword Competition Score is one of the the many features provided by KeySearch. To determine the competitiveness of keywords, they use their own algorithms to give you the results within a few seconds after your click.

Bulk Difficulty Checker gives you a look at what words are worth using from the lost of many that you enter, simply copy and paste and choose.

Deep Analysis button provides you with more information and data about a specific keyword you would like to use such as TF, CF, Alexa, Age, Social Media stats and LSI Keywords.

Keyword Comparison is the right tool or feature for people with confusions about multiple keywords. All you have to do is to enter the keywords you want to choose from and it will give you a comparative result of both of them.

Keysearch History lets you see through your one week earlier searched up keywords and also lets you save or export the keywords that you would like to keep for later use.

Filter tool lets you choose specific keywords that you would like to target rather than the whole bunch of them.

Exact Domain Check is useful for giving you the exact domains that you are looking for.

Rank tracking doesn’t only searches keywords but also ranks them. Enter your URL and seed keywords for it and it will show you the rankings of each keyword in that URL.. This also includes tracking your own domain’s Moz and social stats and also provides you with a URL that you can use as a competitor so you can check out for their progress as well. It will modify the trackings everyday, you just need to refresh it manually. Right now, it only tracks the Google’s search engine and tracks between 20 to 100 keywords that differ from plan to plan. It also has a notification tab to notify you through your email anytime.
Laos note that it is not necessary that you add the exact URLs of your domain, you can add URLs and KeySearch will give you all the related URLs to your domain that ranks for any keyword you have added to your URL

Reporting tool helps to generate reports for you at any time so that you or your clients can look at your progress anytime you can choose a time span for which the report will be modified and valid.

Difficulty checking is a tool that gives you the difficulty ranking of a keyword from 1 to 100 based on both onpage and offpage factors.

Link Analysis is a great, new addition to KeySearch tool which consists of 2 main functions – Backlink Checker and URL Metrics that allow you to analyze links by using MozScape API for pulling intelligent metrics that include Page Authority, Domain Authority, MozRank, Domain Rank, Unique Links and Auth Links. The URL metrics lets you take a quick look at a bunch of URLs and also check over competitor URLs and filter through the important and relevant ones.

YouTube Research is the research tool for YouTube users that does keyword research, difficulty score and competitor analysis for YouTube.

Difficulty Page lets you check multiple keywords from 20 to 100 in different locations.The different levels of difficulty are based on the colors of tabs.

Dark Red – high level of competition.
Light Red – fairly high level of competition.
Yellow – moderate level of competition.
Dark Green – fairly moderate level of competition.
Light Green – low level of competition.
Light Blue – very low level of competition.
You see the top 10 URLs that rank for the keywords and important stats about them.

  • Page Authority
  • Domain Authority
  • Moz Page Rank
  • Moz Domain Rank
  • Authority backlinks
  • Total number of backlinks

The last three columns show if these pages include the keyword in their titles, descriptions, and URLs. Again, the difficulty of the tabs is determined by the color of the tab that is exactly as the table above. There are also some buttons on top of the difficulty page that are different tools i.e
Save Keywords – saves the keywords that you selected from the table on the left. KeySearch has keyword lists for can easily separating your projects.
Compare – compares the keywords that you selected and also lets you download a comparative report.
Export – allows you to export the information for the keywords that you like.
Filter – if you have added many keywords in the difficulty page, you can filter them through the following filter options:
Number of words
Notification Page lets you see notifications of events that you have selected which are five in number.
Changes made in the ranking of a URL more than one by the number that you have selected
When a URL you have selected gets into the top rankings.
When a URL you have selected leaves the top ranking.
When a URL in a group gains more position that user defined.
When a URL in the group loses more position than user defined.

Groups Page is one of the handiest tools provided by KeySearch which lets you organize and group up URLs that you are interested in for better management and notifications. You can group up different URLs on basis of your way of seeing them. This makes the reporting easier for you as well.

My Lists Page keeps your different URLs history in the lists that you like. It’s better that you create custom lists then go with that of the default KeySearch ones.

Pricing Table:

Keysearch Review Keysearch ReviewKeysearch Review

Conclusion/ Summary:

  • Brand new and advanced.
  • Modified from time to time with new functions.
  • It is too cheap to be true with it’s new 20% discount offer.
  • Easy and simple, no complicated procedures.
  • Multiple pricing options to choose from.
  • Support team available to help.
  • The bulk checks and analysis are quite convenient.
  • White label report and API access is offered at all pricing packages.
  • The keyword competitiveness calculator is very efficient and handy.
  • No functionality restrictions on any pricing plan.
  • Very user friendly.
  • Fast and speedy.


  • AHREFS should be integrated.
  • A limited number of keywords is offered in the tracking page.
  • Live chat support should be offered.

Final Conclusion:

As you might know that Longtailpro Is facing so many bugs,even i refund my money back from them. Moz and Ahrefs tools prices are too high and its not possible for a strater to buy it. So the best alternative to buy the best tool for your keyword research is Keysearch. one of the best alternative to Longtailpro, MOZ and Ahrefs.

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