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Blogging With Muhammad Ismail !

After an overwhelming response and success from the last session, I am back, to share my experiences, knowledge and services regarding blogging.   This will be a 6-day blogging session in which I will let all the newbies and professionals know every single bit about blogging from A to Z. You will be taught how you can blog and earn a great deal of amount through it through easy and simple steps. You no longer have to be dependent over someone for your income when you can make it yourself. I will teach you how you can earn money online at your home without having a fearful boss or stressful routine, where you can be your own boss and make you dreams come true! You will be independent and free.   Register now If you are one of those people who want to earn money online with a basic set of skills.

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This session is both for beginners as well as professionals so that they can also get new and advanced tips and tricks related to blogging.

So What’s New??

In the workshop, I will be sharing my experience of how to Money making blogging method. With 3-4 figure income within 340 days. I will create a real niche blog in front of participants so that they can understand the whole methodology practically.

I will also warm you up with several internet terms including Google Business tools & Blogging products.

“This session is all about LEARNING-CREATING- EARNING cycle and trust me you are not going to regret the chances that you take because believe it or not, you are in safe hands.”

An Outline of What You Will Be Taught:

  • Complete Blogging Concept
  • How to choose a Niche (Area of Interest)?
  • How to setup a blog?
  • Brief Introduction of Google Analytics and Google Webmasters.
  • How to Implement Google Analytics and Google Webmasters to Track Website
  • How to select topics for your Blog?
  • Keyword Research, and Keyword Planning
  • What is SEO and its type?
  • The onpage and Offpage SEO anatomy.
  • Full ON & OFF Page SEO Guide.
  • What is Blacklining, its benefits, its types and how to create it.
  • The concept of Google updates and how to prevent (Google Panda & Google Penguin).
  • Social Media Marketing & how to link your Blog with social Media?
  • Ways to get earn money online.
  • Ads/Affiliate Marketing/YouTube Paid Blogs
  • Social Media Branding
  • Social Media Traffic Generation Tips and techniques.
  • Earning Money Platforms how to get approval?
  • How to withdraw cash?

  What You Should Bring Along:

Kindly bring along your laptops, a notebook and a pen so you can note and practice everything. What learnt better be practiced when taught and you will never forget it.


  • Fee: RS 5000
  • Bank Transfer
  • Walk-In Registration @ Imsciences Peshawar.
  • Easy Paisa

Bank Details:

  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Account Name: Muhammad Ismail
  • Account Number: 01167889901
  • IBAN: PK51SCBL0000001167889901

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Muhammad Ismail

Affiliate Marketer, Public Speaker with 5 years of experience in Blogging field. His Aim is to help individuals in starting their online career through instilling the skills and passion of Blogging and freelancing

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